Good evening everybody

Good evening everybody.
Just thought I’d put up a sneaky little photo of myself (looking my very best, of course!) before James and Susan notice what I’m doing!
My name is Humphrey Smellington Smythe and, before I introduce you to The Todalie Stories, I thought you would all like to hear a little bit about me; I am the main character after all!
Now, we’ll have to be very quiet about this because if they find out I’ve put up this post before ‘The Todalie Stories’ go live on 31st March, I’m going to be in big trouble indeed!
As you can see, I am a very handsome young chap and I expect to be far more famous than any of the characters in the stories, as is my right, of course!
I have a rather nice voice and narrate the stories beautifully. In fact, I don’t think you need to bother about any of the other characters; all you have to do is listen to me and……….Oh no!… they come….have to sign off….I’ll be back soon for more about the wonderful ME…….Cheerio…..

Some great memories from a long (ongoing) career as an Irish session musician

Nearly there

I’m very excited as the launch date of the podcast of our first audio adventure gets nearer.

Layliana’s story is the first in our Todalie series by my sister Susan and myself and it’s the beginning of a great adventure in words and music.

It launches at the end of March so keep an eye out for it and please subscribe and tell your friends, thank you.

Elixir Bass Strings…..Class!

I’m very pleased that I will be endorsing Elixir Bass Strings this year.

I started using them for my live work last year and was extremely impressed by how long they keep their tone and tuning stability and now use them in the studio as well so rock on Elixir.

For the Bass anoraks among us I use Nanoweb Nickel Light / Long scale .045 – .130 on my

Sandberg and Emerald


Elixir strings

A podcast is born

Well..Not quite but I wanted to catch your attention.

My sister Susan and I have set the release date for the 1st. episode of our audio drama ” The Todalie stories”.

It’s the first story in the series and it’s called “Layliana’s tale”.

It’s geared towards kids and those of us who refuse to grow up and features a host of lovable characters including Todalie who is the hero of our stories.

Our website will launch at the same time with loads of information about the series and the characters involved.

So, please keep an eye out for the great event and hopefully you will enjoy listening to the stories as much as we do creating them…and of course please subscribe and share with your friends too, thank you.

James & Susan Blennerhassett


Good progress on the podcast preparation, had a shaky start, Humphrey narrated the 1st. chapter of the wrong book and was well into the 2nd. when I discovered it,

Anyway, we’re back on track now and nearly ready to upload the 1st. chapter of “Layliana”. In this podcast we will also introduce the magical characters to you and an idea of what the whole series is about.

We’re very excited about the whole project and look forward to your feedback.

Keep watching for an update and a release date.

Here is a teaser of some of the music from Layliana.

James and Susan Blennerhassett


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