a small shadow – Remastered! I composed the music for this album when my two daughters were very young and fascinated with all things around them such as shadows, butterflies, snow, mist, and lots of other stuff in nature.The tracks “Bow By Blow” & “A House Once Proud” feature my late Father Rowland Blennerhassett on Treble Recorder. The album … Continue reading a small shadow – Remastered!


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James Blennerhassett

About Me

Hi I’m James and welcome to my BLOG! I’m a session Bassist and contemporary composer based in Ireland. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the best and have toured around the world. Check out my performances and recordings. I am also a member of Derek Ryan’s touring band.

I record Bass lines on request and most of my studio work is done from my own studio. I play Double Bass and Bass Guitar and most recently a derivative of the Chapman Stick, the NS Stick and several other instruments when I must 🙂 I have two solo instrumental albums on release called “End of a Longer Day” and “A Small Shadow” 

As a Steinberg Certified Trainer I also run online courses in Cubase and Dorico under my music technology business Blenntech.

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