Layliana’s tale…The final episode

Layliana’s tale episode 5 In the last episode, Layliana was rescued by The Wiblets after crash landing in the bog, having been injured really badly by the storm and the horrible wind devils. With help from their friends the Ringspinners and the Fruzzball fairies they manage to get her back to the "Fixit" room at the Wiblet's castle … Continue reading Layliana’s tale episode 5

Layliana’s tale..a wee chat before the final episode

Layliana’s tale, a chat before episode 5 Just before we reach the last episode of Layliana's tale from The Todalie Stories, time for a little chat about what's happening and what's coming up in the near future.Thanks to everyone who listens, subscribes and shares and don't forget to tune in to episode 5 this Saturday.James and Susan Blennerhassett

Layliana’s tale Episode 4

Layliana’s tale episode 4 In the last Episode, Layliana is stuck after crash landing in the bog.  She sees the strangest looking creatures cycling on the strangest looking bicycles but thinks she is dreaming.  The Elder Wiblet sees her and calls over to his friends, The Ringspinners and the Fruzzball Fairies to help him to get her out … Continue reading Layliana’s tale episode 4

A chat with James B, by kind permission of Humphrey Smellington Smythe as we head for Episode four of Layliana’s tale

Time out for a chat with James B before Episode four of Layliana's tale airs this weekend.

Humphrey has a message!

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