a small shadow – Remastered!


I composed the music for this album when my two daughters were very young and fascinated with all things around them such as shadows, butterflies, snow, mist, and lots of other stuff in nature.
The tracks “Bow By Blow” & “A House Once Proud” feature my late Father Rowland Blennerhassett on Treble Recorder.

The album cover is by Emily Blennerhassett

I hope you like this remastered version of the 2008 album


released December 14, 2021

James Blennerhassett-Basses, Keyboards, Sampling, Recorders
Rowland Blennerhassett-Recorders
Richie Buckley-Soprano Saxophone
Niamh Crowley-Violin
Andreja Malîr-Concert Harp
Johnny Scott-Guitar
Liam Bradley-Drums & Percussion
Tom Jameson-Drums & Percussion
Séamus Brett-Piano
Ted Ponsonby-Dobro & Guitar
Gerry O’Donnell-Flute
Mairtín O’Connor-Accordeon


all rights reserved

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