James Blennerhassett

Top class Irish recording & performing Bassist

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Mastery..my favourite band ..ever :-)


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Wall of fame!

Snapped these signatures from the changing room walls in the Welk theatre in Branson MO. Some list!

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The way it’s supposed to be

Ah yes, happy chappies all after recording Dominic Kirwan’s new album live together in the studio the way it should be done with real people playing together and bouncing ideas off each other.
Wouldn’t it be great if it was always like this. 🙂



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Barefoot on the Bass!

Something must have rubbed off at my Bass talk in Longford. Today all the aspiring young Bassists are in bare feet…..class 👍


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The enthusiasm of youth

I had a great day yesterday giving a talk and demonstration about Bass styles and playing techniques to a group of very enthusiastic teenagers in Longford.
It’s very inspiring to see how willing they were to sit still for several hours and listen and enjoy what I had to say and play and not a texter in sight. 😎