James Blennerhassett

Top class Irish recording & performing Bassist

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A women’s heart beats again

……with a little help from a couple of blokes 🙂



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Balsawood, tissuepaper & dope!

I was watching James May’s TV programme the other night about trying to break a world record by flying a freeflight model glider across the English channel and it stirred up several emotions in me both happy and sad.

Sad because my Father is no longer here but has been gone to the great hobby shop in the sky for ten years now and happy because when I was younger I had those magical moments with him in the garage building various model aircraft out of Balsawood (the airframe), tissue (the skin) & dope (it stretched the tissue over the frame), followed by the test flight and the inevitable crash after weeks of work.

That didn’t matter, what did was the fact that we had that precious and irreplaceable time together as father and son doing something we both loved: making stuff work!


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Just good manners would be nice!

Sitting with my mother in barely moving Sligo traffic this morning with the indicator on trying to get into the flow, I counted 17 cars that crawled past and wouldn’t let her in before some decent person finally waved her on. Good manners……………….:-(