Three women, a heart, and a couple of blokes!


Friday night was a good one! Played a concert in City north hotel with Frances Black. Also appearing were Sharon Shannon and Mary Coughlan both of who I have had the pleasure of playing with over the years as well.

Mary opened the show with a great set with James Delaney on Piano and Dan Bodwell on bass, powerful stuff and we were on second with Frances. Her son Eoghain was on guitar and daughter Aoife on vocals and I played the Chapman NS Stick (just for a change). Unnerving stuff as I never played it as a solo instrument on stage before but thankfully it all worked out fine.

Sharon was next up and did a blistering set with Alan Connor on…well everything, and then the three women (they of the heart) finished off the night with a rendition of “Let it be” and of course “A woman’s heart”.


It was a great night with a really lively crowd and I’d safely say we’ll see more of this line up again.


This is what makes it all worthwhile

There are musical moments like this that really do make you smile, cry, listen, laugh and just feel so good about life and thank whoever you believe made us for giving us ears.

Concert for Crumlin children’s hospital

Sugar club concert

Shannon on the Barrow

Played an outdoor concert with Sharon Shannon in Carlow (beside the river Barrow) on saturday night, what a buzz, you couldn’t have squeezed another soul into the town square it was so packed and a beautiful warm evening just to make it even better.

So much fun to play with Sharon and the band again after quite a few years, it’s amazing how the tunes come back to you once you hear them again….more of that please 🙂





Lost in music….


Shiny happy head….


and again…


and again….


and again even….



The Blen’s 10 tips for being a session Bassist

The Blen’s 10 tips for being a session Bassist


  1. Smile, it’s your lucky day, you have a session.
  2. Turn up on time not looking like you just fell out of bed.
  3. Bring several instruments, they always want the one you didn’t bring.
  4. New strings ( just in case they don’t like your trusty old flatwounds ).
  5. Make sure all your gear works with no crackles or hisses ( a good spit on a lead usually solves the former ).
  6. Bring your own coffee and plunger ( just in case the stuff in the studio is instant & they insist that it’s the real thing ).
  7. Have an open mind and a really good attitude, it’s somebody’s dream you are playing on.
  8. Play everything with loads of feel, in time and in tune ( if you can’t you shouldn’t be there ) and do it in the first take or two, it usually doesn’t get any better after that, in my experience.
  9. Don’t hang around too long after you’re done, pack up quietly, thank everyone, tell the producer you would love a copy of the finished product and exit stage left, ( leaving your card of course ) they usually want to get on with the next session.
  10. Smile, you’ve just helped to make a dream come true 🙂


Too hot for the studio

That’s it, I’m out of here.

I have tracks to play on but they will have to wait until later on, can’t waste a blue sky (especially in this country).