Things you might see…when your eyes are open Pt. 6


Swedish Dance Bands – 1970’s

This looks scarily familiar 😁

Painted Wolf

I blame ABBA.

The Gert Jonnys, not to be confused w/ The Gert Johnnys The Gert Jonnys, not to be confused w/ The Gert Johnnys

Lasse Stefanz Lasse Stefanz

Pelles Pelles

Apells Apells

Jan Kjellners - In your mother's housecoat Jan Kjellners – In your mother’s housecoat

Sven-Erics Sven-Erics

Gomaans Gomaans

Ninnis Ninnis

Thorliefs Thorleifs

Gordie Gordie

Tickies Tickies

Saints Saints

Flamingo Flamingo

Zenits Zenits

Wallonerna Wallonerna

Tommy Elfs Tommy Elfs

Giggens Giggens

Giggins - Part 2, 1 ball Giggins – Part 2, 1 ball

Teddy Boys Teddy Boys

Wextoos Wextoos

Zigana Zigana

Kjell-Akes Kjell-Akes

Gert Jonnys - Pt 2, on the links Gert Jonnys – Pt 2, on the links

Hux-Flux Hux-Flux

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Do what you love and have a sofa in the kitchen

SofaRichard Branson is right, follow your heart and hang out in the heart of the house with your favourite people.

A Photo Tour of Santa Monica Pier, California


Beautiful sunny day here….want to go and sit outside and enjoy the ( rare ) good weather…need to do some recording ( inside ) …want to sit in the sun….need to paint a wall ( inside ) …want to sit in the sun….loads of washing to do ( inside ) …want to sit in the sun. Sorry everything else, the sun wins, days like these are too few to waste! 😎👍



Mail order music

I was trying to explain to my teenage daughters today about when I was a teenager in Rural Ireland and the difficulty we had in buying any rock LPs at the time ( what’s an LP Dad? ).
I remember ordering the new Status Quo album “Piledriver” by mail order from Virgin records and the excitement when it arrived weeks later in a cardboard sleeve, calling all the lads to come and hear the new record on the record player….epic!
Wasted words…they didn’t get it at all in their world of instant downloads!