Sound Therapy for back pain

Definitely going to try this, anything rather than take painkillers!

Silva Sound Therapy

I recently slipped a disc in my lower back, so I had the opportunity to experience for myself,  how well Sound Therapy works towards reducing back pain.

I have injured my back previously (about 10 years ago now), and at that time I went to an Osteopath to have it “crunched” back into place, however this time, not only could I not afford it, but I wanted to test my own treatments to see for myself how effective it is.


I can use either Tuning Forks, around the sacral area to send the vibrations into the Sacro-illiac joints and the Sacrum itself, that way increasing the vibrations, and soothing the whole area; or I can use Singing Bowls placed either on the back itself, or if it is not possible to turn over (as in my case) it can be placed on the front of the body in the Sacral…

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