James Blennerhassett

Top class Irish recording & performing Bassist

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Don’t drop the egg!

My Father (and egg carrier) in the “Egg and Spoon” motorcycle race on a BSA Bantam 125 in the 1950s…..uncomplicated fun in a less complicated world.  



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Rat trap!

Went to the Boomtown Rats 40th. anniversary concert in the Olympia, Dublin last night…….great gig with Bob in flying form and as irreverent as ever but Lord save us, I must be getting old, it was sooooo loud, my ears are still ringing this morning, ok I’m getting old but really enjoyed the night. More please.  


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Carpe Diem

While standing outside a shop chatting to a friend the other day who was out for a spin on his rather large motorbike, a lady passing by was heard to remark to her companion ” I don’t know how they go round on those yolks, sure aren’t they fierce dangerous altogether ” to which he quickly replied ” you’re so right, but what’s the point of tiptoeing through life only to find yourself safely at death’s door!”