NS Stick, the story .

I thought it might be a good idea to explain this wonderfully versatile instrument that I play and am using for my compositions, particularly the current multimedia project with my sister & her husband that is nearing completion. So, here it is! The NS Stick is a result of a collaboration between Emmet Chapman, the … Continue reading NS Stick, the story .

The Fureys and Davey Arthur

I was very proud to been involved in the production of this album of favourite songs by the Furey brothers and Davey Arthur. George, Eddie and myself had many hours of music, stories, biscuits and just good fun in the making of this one and I got to play a few instruments on it as … Continue reading The Fureys and Davey Arthur


I heard an old "Pentangle" album recently called "Basket of light" and it unleashed a flood of musical memories  which took me back to a rare television series from c.1970 called "Revolution" ( I think) that we were allowed to watch in school study time, well a few of us non rugby types anyway! I … Continue reading Inspiration

The sunken village

The sunken villageI never realised what lay under the vast expanse of Blessington lake in Co. Wicklow until I asked!An interesting story of a landscape completely remodelled during the earlier years of the twentieth century. Check it out for yourself.