James Blennerhassett

Top class Irish recording & performing Bassist

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Boots on tour Pt. 1


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Wall of fame!

Snapped these signatures from the changing room walls in the Welk theatre in Branson MO. Some list!

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Had the pleasure of meeting the great Emmylou Harris (big fan) at the Scandanavian Hostfest in Minot, North Dakota tonight.

We were playing there with Daniel O’Donnell in this massive hall, 17 hours and 3 flights to get here, who said it’s a glamourous business! 🙂


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Balor and the flatwounds!

Here’s a short improvisation on the Balor “Woody” bass with flatwound Ernie Ball slinky strings 45 – 130. I find these strings a little stiff on the top ones and will change them to Daddario Chrome flats 40 -130. I’ll post my thoughts on these when I get them.

Please listen with headphones to appreciate the lovely tone of this instrument 🙂 which will be featuring on Daniel O’Donnells UK tour.