Onwards and upwards

Hi all, Now that the podcast of Layliana's Tale, the first story in The Todalie Stories series is complete, we would like to thank everyone who listened, subscribed and hopefully enjoyed the audiodrama. The podcast of Layliana's tale is an abridged version of the upcoming printed copy of the book which will have gorgeous illustrations … Continue reading Onwards and upwards

A squishy tale of a little squashed snail

Hi Todalie fans, this is the first in a series of tiny tales from James and Susan Blennerhassett, creators of The Todalie Stories series. We hope you enjoy it. Please subscribe to our podcast thetodaliestories on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Google podcasts etc. to hear this and of course Layliana's Tale, the first audiodrama for kids of … Continue reading A squishy tale of a little squashed snail

Tiny Tales from The Todalie Stories

Hi Todalie ( and Humphrey) fans, Now that the podcast of our first Audiodrama for kids big and small is complete, we hope you all have been enjoying the drama and the music so far, and we would like to share some short stories with you over the next couple of months before we embark … Continue reading Tiny Tales from The Todalie Stories

Layliana’s tale..a wee chat before the final episode


Layliana’s tale Episode 4

https://soundcloud.com/todalie/laylianas-tale-episode-4 https://thetodaliestories.podbean.com/mf/play/qxfnrt/LAYLIANA_S_TALE_-_EPISODE_4.mp3

A chat with James B, by kind permission of Humphrey Smellington Smythe as we head for Episode four of Layliana’s tale

Time out for a chat with James B before Episode four of Layliana's tale airs this weekend. https://thetodaliestories.podbean.com/mf/play/pd4nkz/LAYLIANA_S_TALE_-_A_CHAT_WITH_JB_BEFORE_EPISODE_4.mp3 http://www.todalie.com

Humphrey has a message!

I love thetodaliestories Podcast | Humphrey has a message, let's play it! https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-z7fbx-adfbd0

Todalie grabs the Apple!

Just thought I'd let you know that "The Todalie Stories " podcast is now available on iTunes.

Layliana’s Tale from The Todalie Stories… The story so far!


Todalie….The story continues….

I published my new episode of Layliana's Tale, please check it out https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-htm9x-ad11ee