James Blennerhassett

Top class Irish recording & performing Bassist

Wearing out the shoe leather!


Well, here I go. Pounding the streets of London trying to get our project away.
I have made more phone calls and sent emails to publishers than I’ve had hot dinners, I never realised how difficult it is to even get to speak to someone in that business but I’m very determined, as they’ll find out 🙂



Author: James Blennerhassett

I am a session bassist and contemporary composer based in Ireland, most of my studio work these days is done from my own place via Dropbox etc. I am also a member of Derek Ryan's touring band. I play Double bass and Bass guitar and most recently a derivative of the Chapman Stick, the NS Stick and several other instruments when I must :-) I have two solo instrumental albums on release called "End of a longer day" and "A small shadow" and I am currently writing and recording a series of Pictorial Audio projects comprising Text, Audio & Illustrations in collaboration with my sister Susan & her husband Vitya, inspired by special people, the unseen little folk, and other fantastic creatures that inhabit the woods, streams and lakes on this island .

2 thoughts on “Wearing out the shoe leather!

  1. Still the same determined man that I know…..good luck on getting the project published…..I assume it’s the ns stick stuff. Working on some stuff myself….

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