It being a stormy (very) day and I sitting there with my NS Stick strapped on waiting for a tune to appear…..nothing…..still nothing!
OK, jump in the car and drive to Drumcliffe church of Ireland where WB is buried and walk around a bit, maybe something will happen.
Drumcliffe is a lovely country church and my grandmother Louisa Siggins used to be the organist there until her last years..she was responsible for the Swan door handles on the church and I remember as a young boy sitting beside her in the balcony as she played the organ and berated the choir for not coming in on time etc. while all the while behind the organ, Mrs. Lindsay was pumping the handle to keep air in the bellows like crazy, no electric motors there, you’ll find!
Anyway, in the middle of all this reminiscing, the magic tune appeared so now I’m racing back to record it before I forget the melody 🙂


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