Days of hair and poses

                                              Hennigans Blooze Band

You know how it is when you’re out for a quiet walk and a tune comes into your head and decides to loop itself for the duration of the walk!

Well that didn’t happen, I had a different problem on my walk yesterday, I thought back to a band I was in in the eighties called “Hennigans blooze band” and I couldn’t remember the words of any of the songs that we wrote and performed … must have have been memorable, but you know, it was a great fun band (aptly named) and we had a great time playing loudly and proudly all over the country.

So here are a few photographic memories of when there was a really healthy pub rock scene in Ireland and we were younger, had no sense and I had hair!

Hennigan’s Blooze Band around 1986

Hennigan’s Blooze Band featured several well known Sligo musicians and in this photo, we can see:
Left to right: Francis Lenehan (guitar), James Blennerhassett (bass), and Liam Gilmartin (guitar),
Christy Behan (drums) and Gerry Grennan (Dobro)

Hennigan’s Blooze Band Reunion – 2005 – Tsunami Relief Concert


Hennigan’s Blooze Band in 1986

James Blennerhassett (bass) 

Liam Gilmartin (guitar)

Christy Behan (drums)

Francie Lenehan (guitar)

Gerry Grennan (guitar)


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