Canal banks, bicycles and sunken boats

I enjoy practicing but sometimes that ol’ sun just keeps on shining through the window and saying “go on, get out and enjoy me, I’m not around that much these days” and out comes the bicycle pump.


In my innocence I think “sure a cycle down the canal towpath will be handy”……wrong!

I must have been thinking of another canal somewhere else as the the one on the Barrow line of the grand canal seems to be to a non stop highway of tractor ruts and potholes,ouch,ouch,ouch!


It’s a shame as it’s a lovely environment with the occasional Heron flying around protecting his patch and groups of patient fishermen dotted along the towpath.


As I cycled along trying to avoid the deepest potholes, I saw a partially sunken abandoned cabin cruiser lying across the canal nearly blocking it and i wonder how could someone have so little respect for a boat that probably cost quite a lot of money, Is this a result of the dreaded Celtic Tiger where things seemed to be easily obtainable and then just as easily forgotten about when the novelty wore off…so sad.


Anyway, that triggered an emotion or two so it’s back to the practice room and write the melody before I forget it because I respect the fact that these things don’t come easily!



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