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English: Vicar Street music venue, Dublin

English: Vicar Street music venue, Dublin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Had the pleasure of hearing the great Steve Hackett from Genesis and his band in Vicar street in Dublin tonight.

It was a concert of great Genesis classics up to the point where he left the band to pursue a solo career.

The band was fantastic and the concert was only marred by the fact that the bar was open and many of the fans were unable to stay in their seats and insisted on pushing past everybody with their dripping plastic pints of beer, thereby interrupting our view of the stage on many occasions during the performance.

Nevertheless, Mr. Hackett was awesome and I have never heard so many people sing their way through a whole gig like that before.

I also had the pleasure of meeting him before the performance and he is a true gentleman.



Author: James Blennerhassett

I am a session bassist and contemporary composer based in Ireland, most of my studio work these days is done from my own place via Dropbox etc. I am also a member of Derek Ryan's touring band. I play Double bass and Bass guitar and most recently a derivative of the Chapman Stick, the NS Stick and several other instruments when I must :-) I have two solo instrumental albums on release called "End of a longer day" and "A small shadow" and I am currently writing and recording a series of Pictorial Audio projects comprising Text, Audio & Illustrations in collaboration with my sister Susan & her husband Vitya, inspired by special people, the unseen little folk, and other fantastic creatures that inhabit the woods, streams and lakes on this island .

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