Three women, a heart, and a couple of blokes!


Friday night was a good one! Played a concert in City north hotel with Frances Black. Also appearing were Sharon Shannon and Mary Coughlan both of who I have had the pleasure of playing with over the years as well.

Mary opened the show with a great set with James Delaney on Piano and Dan Bodwell on bass, powerful stuff and we were on second with Frances. Her son Eoghain was on guitar and daughter Aoife on vocals and I played the Chapman NS Stick (just for a change). Unnerving stuff as I never played it as a solo instrument on stage before but thankfully it all worked out fine.

Sharon was next up and did a blistering set with Alan Connor on…well everything, and then the three women (they of the heart) finished off the night with a rendition of “Let it be” and of course “A woman’s heart”.


It was a great night with a really lively crowd and I’d safely say we’ll see more of this line up again.


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