The train to Sligo

Sitting on the train to Sligo going from Rainshine to Sunshine, I thought of this beautiful song written by Thom Moore. the Scholar The train to Sligo moves too slow As it takes her from the school below She wants to be there faster than The train to Sligo ever can She wonders where the … Continue reading The train to Sligo

Silly moments…must have been bored!

Things you might see…when your eyes are open Pt. 6

Do what you love and have a sofa in the kitchen

Richard Branson is right, follow your heart and hang out in the heart of the house with your favourite people.

A Photo Tour of Santa Monica Pier, California



keep your eyes open and you won't miss anything!

Stay inside and listen to loads of Bass!

Freezing outside...Brrr! Good time to stay in and appreciate they who are the foundation of good music........

The Blen’s 10 tips for being a session Bassist

The Blen's 10 tips for being a session Bassist Smile, it's your lucky day, you have a session. Turn up on time not looking like you just fell out of bed. Bring several instruments, they always want the one you didn't bring. New strings ( just in case they don't like your trusty old flatwounds … Continue reading The Blen’s 10 tips for being a session Bassist