Another time, another place

A friend sent me this photo of a surfboard made by David Wray and myself in another life….well in 1984 I think!
We were under the illusion that we could actually make a living out if building surfboards in the west if Ireland back then. If only it was now 🙂


One thought on “Another time, another place

  1. Hi there,

    I am an Aussie surfer living in Ireland and recently one of the Hollowave twin fin surfboards was given to me to get repaired, it would be simular to the one in the photo but in alot better condition it is 6ft 5 3/4inches long.

    A local lady Mary owns it from new and she recalls a Rocky Allen may have had someting to do with it but it could be you that shaped or glassed it.

    My email is and i could send you the pics i took of it to you.

    It has a big red dolphin on the underside.

    Kind regards in these strange times,

    Brian Gordon


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