The real facts of life Pt.1

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3 thoughts on “The real facts of life Pt.1

  1. Hey James1 How’s she cuttin’? I will be arriving in Dublin this Saturday, so will be fairly bollixed. let me know if, where and when you will be playing within next 3 weeks til June 7th. I dont have a ‘phone, so if you let me have your number, will call you, okay? Love your blog. ‘ Facts of Life.’ Ciao.Colin


  2. Hi james ! As you no doubt gathered I did not get a chance to call you when I was there in June!! A distinct lack of wheels made it impossible to do half the things I wanted to do. However ‘mammy knows best’! Still it was great to see her and my sister, Lesley,my brother, Graeme whom you may have known from Arnotts, died a couple of years ago. Thank you for your number, will call you next time!!!.


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