Elixir Bass Strings…..Class!

I’m very pleased that I will be endorsing Elixir Bass Strings this year.

I started using them for my live work last year and was extremely impressed by how long they keep their tone and tuning stability and now use them in the studio as well so rock on Elixir.

For the Bass anoraks among us I use Nanoweb Nickel Light / Long scale .045 – .130 on my

Sandberg and Emerald


Elixir strings

4 thoughts on “Elixir Bass Strings…..Class!

  1. James,
    Sounds great, you are a busy musician! I sent my transcription of The Heron in a pdf file to the email you gave me but haven’t heard back if you got it yet. Hope so!


    1. Hi Susan, got it, thank you. Very impressed.
      Been up to my ears trying to finish the Layliana podcast for the end of the month, I’m very happy with it so far, fingers crossed that people will like it.
      Cheers, James


      1. Thanks so much, it was a labor of love. My brother and sister in law love it too and passed it on to his dulcimer group
        He said it sounds very nice of hi Kerry D whise


  2. Sorry, slip of finger, that would be whistle. The Heron and yourself will be well know around our parts soon! I am going to listen to the Podcast asap. Thanks again!


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