Good evening everybody

Good evening everybody.
Just thought I’d put up a sneaky little photo of myself (looking my very best, of course!) before James and Susan notice what I’m doing!
My name is Humphrey Smellington Smythe and, before I introduce you to The Todalie Stories, I thought you would all like to hear a little bit about me; I am the main character after all!
Now, we’ll have to be very quiet about this because if they find out I’ve put up this post before ‘The Todalie Stories’ go live on 31st March, I’m going to be in big trouble indeed!
As you can see, I am a very handsome young chap and I expect to be far more famous than any of the characters in the stories, as is my right, of course!
I have a rather nice voice and narrate the stories beautifully. In fact, I don’t think you need to bother about any of the other characters; all you have to do is listen to me and……….Oh no!… they come….have to sign off….I’ll be back soon for more about the wonderful ME…….Cheerio…..

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