Layliana’s Tale

In the first episode of Layliana’s Tale, Todalie, a little teddy bear with the lovliest softiest browniest fur was rescued from the river by the Sun. He was very sad and unhappy as he had been left there by his very best friend Jimmy, who didn’t want him anymore.

The Sun brought Todalie to her friend, The Elder Wiblet, who fixed the little teddy. He wasn’t able to fix him completely as some of the stuffing was missing out of his head, but Todalie was able to manage most things on his own, even though he sometimes forgot to do things and sometimes even forgot how to do things.

While he was looking at his reflection in the river one morning, he bent over a little too far and fell in. Luckily, he was rescued by Father Swan who brought him back home to his little ferny nest under an old stone bridge. 

The story continues from here.

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