A matter of choice and changing tastes

If I was asked twenty years ago to pick two musical artists’ music to take with me to a desert island or some other inaccessible place (assuming there would be a means of playing the music), I probably would have said King Crimson or Led Zeppelin!

Nowadays, after spending years listening to music whilst driving the highways and byways late at night after a performance I find my musical tastes have somewhat changed for these late night excursions and would have no hesitation in picking Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon as my two artists of choice.

Now, if I had to pick one particular album from each artist that could prove difficult as they both have such a huge body of amazing work so with a lot of listening and head scratching I think I have picked out my favourites so here goes.

Paul Simon:      Hearts and Bones


By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4134784

A fantastic album but possibly his least successful commercially full of great songs and incredible musicians.

The uncredited horn section on “Allergies” and “Cars Are Cars” are Mark Rivera (saxophone), Jon Faddis & Alan Rubin (trumpet)

Joni Mitchell:      Shadows and Light 1980


Love this live album featuring the great Jaco Pastorius on Bass, a bunch of great songs with inspiring playing all round.

Bass – Jaco Pastorius
Drums – Don Alias
Lead Guitar – Pat Metheny
Keyboards – Lyle Mays
Sax – Michael Brecker
Electric Guitar – Joni Mitchell
Vocals – The Persuasions

So there they are!

Why not share your two desert island albums 🙂



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