My tribute to Christie Hennessy

Over a period of several years I had the great pleasure of recording and playing live with one of Ireland’s greatest songwriters, the late Christie Hennessy. We also became great friends and I decided that during the Irish Lockdown I would do a tribute to him in my own inimitable way.

So to do this I had to go and learn a new skill…Video editing. Complex but great fun and as he had a great sense of humour I think he might enjoy the ramblings of El Blen.

Hope you enjoy this rather unusual version of one of his great songs.

p.s. I also played the Double Bass on the original recording on his album “The Rehearsal”.

One thought on “My tribute to Christie Hennessy

  1. I spent some time with Christie and his daughter Hermione during filming of a series for the BBC. Both lovely people and Christie was such a humble gentleman and a huge talent. I love the video tribute!! Some recognisable faces and some not 😂 Well done!

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