Come on inside my head…If you dare!

Take a trip inside my head for an audiovisual feast of what makes me tick.

The music was composed by myself using Cubase pro 10.5 and the video was edited in Filmora 9.3 (thanks to Kieran Leonard for the Drums and Anvils, Enda Dempsey, Kane O’Rourke, Emily Blennerhassett, Shane Mc Gilton, Willie Dunne, Robbie Casserly and of course my good biker friend Max for their cameo appearances).

Thanks also to Elixir strings, Emerald guitars, Sandberg and Dingwall Basses and Bassics preamps.

I really enjoyed making the video and hope you like it too. Please subscribe to my channel and most importantly share it with anyone you know, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for watching.

James Blennerhassett

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