Dance Among The Snowdrops

Dance among the Snowdrops

or alternatively

“Come on inside my head…again”.

Before this crazy Covid19 pandemic descended on us this year most of my recent musical working life was “Drive..Play..Drive..Sleep”, whether it was driving to a recording session or to play at a concert or to play at a dance with Derek Ryan.

Funnily enough I don’t miss the driving bit but I sure do miss the live playing, the cameraderie and that buzz that you can only get from being on a stage with like minded people and bringing joy to audiences everywhere.

This video depicts the madness of all the travelling, the buzz of the live gig, the dancing and some other random thoughts that happened to occur to me while I was making it.

James Blennerhassett

I hope you enjoy watching and maybe even dancing to it :-).

***WARNING*** This video contains loud music and flashing lights!

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