The magic of the single note!

I remember several years ago when teaching a young Bass student, introducing him to the "Magic of the single note" when playing in 3/4 time. He didn't get it! He couldn't understand that one note played with the right dynamic, length and feel was far better for the waltz than many and that it would … Continue reading The magic of the single note!

Student Soloists concert in Sligo

The concert will take place onWednesday 12th March @ 8pm - Presbyterian Church Hall, Sligo. The programme includes an early Mozart symphony, a Vivaldi violin concerto (soloist Carla Blennerhassett), a Telemann flute concerto (Charlotte Kinsella, Megan Corcoran and David Watters) a movement from a Vivaldi bassoon concerto (Milo Cummins) a movement of an original composition … Continue reading Student Soloists concert in Sligo