The Fairies of Lough Sheelin

When my two daughters were young, we lived in the hills near the Arigna mountains and one our favourite pastimes was to search for Fairies, Elves, Goblins and other woodland beings in the neighbouring forests and around Lough Arrow and Lough Key.

The girls loved it and having very active imaginations we could find evidence of Fairies etc. almost everywhere we looked. Any root of a tree could be a Fairy house, a forked branch of a tree or a bush could be a Fairy swing and of course a cobweb strung between two yellow Gorse bushes was definitely a Fairy bed.

This short film is an audiovisual journey based on those experiences albeit featuring a different lake, Lough Sheelin in the misty midlands (no idea why except that I liked the sound of the name).

I hope that you enjoy the journey as much as I did making it.

James Blennerhassett

p.s. The soundtrack was created in #Cubase pro using #Dingwall Basses, #Steinberg #Halion 6 and #Serum samplers.

The video was edited in #Cyberlink #Director Suite 365.

The Fairies of Lough Sheelin

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